Thai Enchiladas

3 March 2006

Yeah, I know – it sounds bizarre.

Fahim, Lou, Ike, and I did a massive shopping trip at Majestic City today. Massive.

At some point in all of this, we’re hungry and head into the basement where the food court is. We’re all prepared to be pretty much disappointed – this is, after all, a food court in Majestic City. Lou and Ike head to KFC (and yeah, it was supremely underwhelming. I called it the grossest KFC I’ve ever had.)

Fahim and I headed to a Thai outlet. It was also Halal. We’ve noticed – or, more correctly, Fahim noticed and pointed it out to me – that more and more restaurants are moving to Halalness. This place had an HFAC certificate, HFAC being the Halal certifying authority in Sri Lanka.

And a Chinese guy who ordered after us wanted pork. Pork wasn’t on the menu. Read previous comment about it being Halal. Chinese guy was not impressed. Chinese guy complained about not having pork. Chinese guy wanted pork and what was their problem anyway? Poor fast food place guy had to explain that the Muslim population, while small, is still large enough to cater to… And, well, that’s how these things go.

Anyway. I digress no more.

They had a chicken enchilada, which I ordered. Cheese! I miss cheese! But after I ordered it, and yes, admittedly, even as I ordered it, I wondered if I wasn’t making the hugest meal mistake of my life. C’mon, ordering a Mexican enchilada from a Thai fast food outlet? Am I insane?

Well, sure, the answer to that last question is obvious, but still. 😀

The food came, and I gathered all my courage and took a bite and was… pleasantly surprised.

No salsa, no sour cream, no guacamole (the guy looked at me like I was insane. I’m familiar with that look. :D) The chicken was spicy Thai spicy and it was very very good.

I totally scored. 😀

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