Eggs in Sri Lanka

19 August 2009

It’s just not the same as it was in Canada, let me tell you. 🙂

eggs in a bag

There’s a shop at the end of our road, about 50 meters away. It’s a small shop, about 6’x6′. When Fahim buys eggs for me from there (he goes because they don’t speak English and would not understand me, or me them), he gets them in a bag. They sell eggs individually, so you can buy one or three or 30.

Oh, yeah, and that stuff on the eggs in the bag? Yeah, that’s straw and chicken shit.

Yes, I always wash my eggs before using. Always.

egg carton from the grocery store

Eggs at grocery stores are sold in plastic containers, 10 per. And make sure you don’t break the eggs on your way home. 😀


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