We have a neighborhood bread trishaw. We also have neiwaiting for the bread trishaw, Sri Lankaghborhood ice cream trishaws. 🙂

This bread trishaw goes through our neighborhood, and others, playing an annoying tune that everyone recognizes as belonging to the bread trishaw. Those who want to buy bread run out to the road with rupees in hand and buy… whatever.

I should mention that this frequently happens before breakfast so there’s fresh bread in time for breakfast, bread being a common-enough breakfast item.

They sell loaves of bread, sweet buns, fish buns, egg buns, and other such baked goods and pastries.

waiting for the bread trishaw, Sri Lankawaiting for the bread trishaw, Sri Lanka
The last image is of a bread truck. Same idea as the bread trishaw, just bigger in scope. 🙂
waiting for the bread trishaw, Sri Lanka

You Canadians and Americans have drive thrus. We have bread trishaws. 😀

One thought on “Bread Trishaw!”

  1. America has what is known as food carts. You can buy various cuisines from Chinese, French Southern,and Mexican food.

    Take Care

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