It’s been a while since I’ve posted about baking on the stove. You can see some previous posts:

Fahim and I have wild yeast (sourdough that’s not sour) sweet buns most mornings for breakfast, and as I’ve mentioned before, Fahim prefers them fresh-baked every day. And, hey, I try to keep him happy. 🙂

I started the baking-on-the-stove thing back in March of this year, so I’ve baked the sweet buns on the stove probably around 150 out of the last 200 or so days. That’s a lot of stove-top baking!

It’s worked out very well for us. Very very well. 🙂

In the first picture, you see the buns still in the baking dish I use. Okay, so I could have baked the buns longer so they were browner, but I was hungry, which means impatient. 😉

In the next image, you see the setup I use. The baking dish goes on a trivet (came with rubber thingies on the legs, but I removed those) which rests on two aluminum lids. I originally used a cast-iron pan, but the high temperatures burned the seasoning off, so I put a kibosh on that. The aluminum lids don’t present any problems like that – they work great! I use two since they’re fairly thin and it gives me more even temperature inside the oven. 🙂

In the next image, you can see the rice pot I put on top of the aluminum lids so the baking dish is fully enclosed. The rice pot can’t be used as a rice pot any longer because it has a small hole in it, but for these purposes, it’s perfect!

And in the final image, you see the finished buns. Yum! Fresh buns every day – they’re great! 😀

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9 Replies to “Baking On The Stove: The Update”

  1. Is your stove electric or gas, Laurie? And it’s so funny you posted this today. Miss M was telling me in the last day or so about how her mother, my Deedee, used to do slow cooking on the stove back in the days before crockpots. She had a heavy cast iron plate that fit perfectly on a burner on her gas stove. She filled a dutch oven w/ meat and veggies or whatever and it fit perfectly on this plate thingy. With the heat very low, she’d walk away and let it happen, much like people do w/crockpots now. Cool, huh?
    .-= Virginia Lee´s last blog ..goobqueen: @savingwildlife Yetis? =-.

    1. Virginia, that’s very cool. Very. Crockpots don’t exist here and I’ve been thinking of doing something similar to that. I have my cast iron griddle thing, but no dutch oven. The only pots we can get here are nonstick (which are lousy), aluminum, or a cheap stainless steel. No heavy pots.

      Although, as I’m thinking about it, a clay pot, specifically for cooking in, would probably work. Hmm. Except they have rounded bottoms not flat, so that complicates things. I’m going to see what I can figure out. Meanwhile, please send my profuse thanks to Miss M for suggesting this to me. 🙂

      We have a gas stove. Electric stoves are extremely uncommon here. I’ve only ever seen one.

  2. What this reminds me of is a dutch oven. And I’ve seen some delicious breads cooked in them. In the end the breads aren’t as brown as they could be if they can’t be inserted in the oven with the lid off. But – the results are delicious. Thanks for the interesting post, Laurie.
    .-= Barbfmc´s last blog ..Tips: Roast Turkey in a Grocery Bag =-.

    1. Barb, I’ve been learning about the not-as-brown bit. But, honestly, the quality of the bread, baked fresh every day, makes us really not care so much, yanno? 🙂

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