You know bananas are ripe when . . .

27 June 2005

fruit and vegetable stalls, Sri LankaWe bought a bunch of bananas a few days ago, a variety that’s green even when ripe, although they do start to get a yellow tinge to them.

Which all means that it’s difficult for me to tell just exactly how ripe they are. Unless I poke them to see how soft they are.

Well, I put the bunch of bananas in a wire-frame fruit basket on top of the fridge. There was one turning a bit black, so I knew that at least that one was most likely ready for eating a day or two ago. So*. I grab the bananas by the stem to get a closer grope of them – you know, test to see which banana was the ripes.

And what do you think happened next?

They all instantly separated themselves from the stem and *splatted* to the floor.

Some just had split seams. Two were a little mashed.

Into the cereal they go.

Why can’t they just turn yellow like normal bananas? Why oh why oh why? *cry*

Well, actually, I don’t mind them being green. Except when stuff like this happens.

Yeah, I know. Keeping bananas on top of the fridge is considered to be a bad idea. But when we bought them, they were hard as rocks. So* I put them up to help them ripen. I didn’t want to wait a week or more until they were ready . . .

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