24 January 2005

I made yoghurt today – just for the heck of it – and, without having a thermometer or any special equipment of any kind, it worked! Yay!!!!!

You’re probably wondering why I would bother making yoghurt here if it’s available in the stores.

Well, it is available, but the common varieties of yoghurt that we can get here are either made with gelatin as a thickener, or gelatine with some yoghurt culture. Yoghurt made with just the culture to thicken it is not common here. I only found a 1/4 cup package of it made that way, nothing larger. And the way I go through the stuff, it’s far too expensive and wasteful as far as packaging goes.

And yes, there is a difference between yoghurt made with gelatin vs. made with the proper bacteria.

So I decided to make my own. And it worked!

Alright, I’m calm now.

I followed the instructions from the 17th of January. It was done after 6 hours, but still could use a little extra time to set. And yes, I wrapped it in towels to keep the warmth in, and when I checked it, it was still warm.

Next time, I’ll probably leave it for 7 or 8 hours to see if that helps at all. It’s also possible that I added the culture when the milk was already cooler than it should have been. I don’t remember – I don’t know if I checked. When I checked the temperature a half hour earlier, it seemed still too warm, but it may have cooled off too much for all I know.

Well, this is try number one. It’ll be better next time. Meanwhile, I’m still happy at the success.

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