Whacking A Coconut, The Easy Way

3 November 2009

When I was a kid, I was told that the easiest way to crack open a coconut was to put it in the oven and bake it for 20 minutes, then poke through one of the eyes on the end of the coconut, drain the coconut milk out, then pry it open.

Well, no. So no no no. 😀

That liquid in the middle of the coconut is not milk. It’s coconut water. Coconut milk is done by extracting the liquid out of the nut meat, and that’ll be a lesson for another day. 🙂

And that method from above? I could seriously injure myself doing that. No, really. Okay, so it doesn’t help that I’m incredibly clumsy, but that isn’t a great way of doing things.

I now crack open coconuts the way my husband and mother in law taught me. I even use my mother in law’s Weapon Of War for whacking purposes. 😀

  1. Put the coconut in your non-dominant hand (that would be my left) with the eyes either facing your fingertips or your wrist.
  2. Take a heavy knife and, with the blunt end, wack the coconut around its equator (if you think about the coconut as the earth and the eyes of the coconut as one of its poles). My mother in law can open a coconut with about three wacks of a knife. I now take six. In the beginning, I’d take *cough* a couple of dozen.
  3. When it starts to sound hollow, you’ve broken through to the inside. The water will come out. Either discard or save for drinking or other uses as you please. Pry the coconut open as necessary.
  4. You should now have two more-or-less halves of a coconut. Yay!

It takes much longer to type this up than the actual execution, by the way. 🙂

Then you can do whatever your little heart desires with the coconut meat. 🙂 Me, I shred. 😀

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  1. Note to self: Run away from the coconut. Fast. NOW!

    L, I can’t even imagine.
    .-= Virginia Lee´s last blog ..365 Photo Project: Day 37 =-.

  2. #2

    Haha! Kudos Nona (sinhala word for ma’m 😉 )
    .-= chanux´s last blog ..One heck of an exam day. =-.

  3. #3

    I’ve never known how to approach a coconut 🙂 Will give this a try. Thanks! (& I’d love to hear more about the coconut milk)
    .-= Barbfmc´s last blog ..Returned! =-.

  4. #4

    Chanux, I take it you approve of my method? 😀

    Barb, do give this a try. It’s much safer than that poking-through-the-eye one. And it really is easy, although I was scared the first few dozen times of injuring myself. Okay, so I’m still a bit scared of injuring myself, but I’m really clumsy. 😀

  5. #5

    Hehe yeah! Even I learned the art of whacking a coconut in less than 4 shots ;). Not that I had to do it for quite some time now.

    NOTE: This comment is to test your comment posting error.
    .-= chanux´s last blog ..Ads on OS – Patent by Steve Jobs =-.

  6. #6

    You’re definitely talented then. I’m still scared of hurting myself, but I tend to be rather clumsy at times. 🙂

    Were there any errors? Thanks for testing. I deleted the other duplicate comment that went into moderation since this one went through fine.

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    Kate Brown Wilson 

    I never tried this one, thanks for sharing this great information that I can use in whacking the coconut shell. i think i should this right away.

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