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15 May 2009

starfruitLast night, while I was sleeping, I wrote up the perfect first entry for this food blog. It extolled the virtues of cooking from scratch, using copious amounts of chilli and chocolate (and coconut and lime and so many other good foods), and explained my obsession with sourdough and a wide variety of ethnic/regional cooking.

Unfortunately, as soon as I woke up, it was all gone. 🙁 But that’s how things usually work with me…

So, to slog on as best as one can…

Eh. It’ll evolve as it evolves. 😀

Meanwhile, I’ll be porting over food-related posts from my other blog in the next couple of days-ish, along with accompanying comments and whatnot, assuming that all goes smoothly, which I hope it will.

I’m also in the process of finishing my site design – oh, the joys! – and everything else that goes along with starting a new blog. It’ll get done… 🙂

Welcome! Welcome to one of my insanities! 🙂 pizza with sourdough crust

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    I’m glad you decided to start this blog. Is that a picture of a starfruit tree. I don’t know what they are really called but that’s what we call it here in Florida.

    Looking forward to your posts.

    rosemerry’s last blog post..World building: Choosing a star

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    Rosemerry, you got it in one! Our neighbor has a starfruit tree and some of the branches hang down into our yard. They have absolutely beautiful little flowers. The star fruit, picked ripe off the tree, is wonderful. And yes, star fruit is what they’re really called. They’re theoretically endemic to Sri Lanka, but it’s so long ago that they were transplanted elsewhere that it’s not absolutely certain.

    Thanks for being my very first commenter. 🙂

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    I’m so happy you have started this blog. I always look forward to reading about your culinary creations. And what a perfect name for the blog!

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    Thanks for the compliments, Paula. I thought the name was rather apt, myself – two of my favourite foods. 😀 Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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