Water, Water, Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink

12 November 2009

I found some interesting and new-to-me information on The World Bank site:

At present this service is at a critical level. Only about 1 out of every 10 households have water on tap and every fifth person relies on rivers, streams and other unprotected water sources for their drinking water.

About 30 percent of village and small town populations have private access to safe water sources.

I knew that many people didn’t have water to their houses/huts/dwellings, but I didn’t know it was that low.

Tap water is not generally considered safe for drinking, yet many people cannot afford the cost of the fuel to boil the water they drink every day.

In our house, we boil all drinking water. Fahim tells me that his parents started boiling their water after the birth of one of their children, so for Fahim, it’s been a habit to boil water for a very very long time. Me? I started boiling water after I got here.

We boil our water in this stainless steel pot, which holds around 10 or 12 liters of water. After the water’s cooled down, we pour it into the water tank that has a spout at the bottom. We go through around 4-5 liters of drinking water a day, so boil water every other day. Ish.

Sometimes, our water is noticeably brown, usually after some work has been done on the water mains. Happily, in the time it takes for the boiled water to cool down, that usually settles to the bottom so we don’t get much of it. That also means we have to clean the water tank more frequently.

Ah, life on a tropical island… 😀

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