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21 January 2009

We’d heard about The Sizzle from Fahim’s brother and decided it was time for us to check it out, especially since I have a birthday coming up and it’s Fahim’s responsibility to take me out for lunch. :p

Armed with only a general location, we found it (signs pointing to The Sizzle helped, of course). Housed in an old house, the decor is nicely done if plain. But when you’re there for the food, that’s where the focus should be. So, how was it?

In a word? Excellent.

Everything (except the drinks) arrived at the table on sizzling cast iron dishes. The idea is to let it cool down enough that you won’t burn your tongue on it, so you have to wait for it to stop making noise. 😀

So, the drinks. I had a mango milkshake, very thick, and Fahim had a virgin pina colada, except of course, everything on the menu is named (so we’re told) after one boxer (or wrestler?) or another. Both were very nice. 🙂

The Sizzle, lamb chopWe had beef cubes appetizer with onion and they were really good, the beef cooked perfectly. For a main, I had a lamb chop with pepper sauce, and that was wonderful. It came with veggies (beans, carrots, cabbage, onions, tomato) grilled with the chop and sauce, and then topped also with noodles and French fries. Very nicely done! The lamb chop was tender enough to be cut with a butter knife (no steak knives were provided, so yes, I do know this for a fact ;)) and the sauce was fantastic. The small was large enough that I got a to-go bag for the rest of it.

Fahim had a combo plate with some kind of kidney, chicken sausage (which is what is known in the rest of the world as a weiner), beef steak, and other animal parts. He, naturally, finished his small, but could not have fit another bite in.

For dessert, I opted for the blueberry cheesecake. There’s a layer of blueberry in the cheesecake itself, plus a scoop of ice cream on top and topped with a LOT of blueberry sauce and some almond sauce.

The Sizzle, saucesYou remember me mentioning that everything at The Sizzle came on sizzling hot cast iron platters? This was no exception. 😀

It seemed a bit odd initially, but in reality, it works. 🙂 The blueberry sauce (did I mention there was a lot of it?) bubbled and bubbled while the cheesecake crust got nice & hot.

They did a great job with the cheesecake and the sauces. Fantastic. I’m definitely glad I opted for that instead of chocolate, and that’s saying a lot. 😀

The Sizzle, biryaniAll told, we paid Rs.3,400, which included a 10% service charge. That 10% service charge is not something I’ve seen here before, and honestly, I don’t like it. Especially since I didn’t notice any kind of warning that there would be a service charge anywhere. Let us tip based on what we think is proper.

The Sizzle restaurant’s website is located at, but it has no information – not even as much as an address or phone number. The site could not be found via a Google search, which is no surprise to me considering that the site is one page with one giant image sliced with text, what little there is, on the image itself. Nothing for Google to find. Nothing. And nothing useful for anyone to look at. Luckily, I grabbed a business card on the way out…

The Sizzle
32 Walukarama Rd.
Colombo 3
Telephone: 011 5668882
[email protected]

ETA: Please note these pictures are ones I took at The Sizzle, but not from this time.

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    Thx fr d post… It helped me gettin a reservaion done.

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    Dear sir Madam.,

    please send me a menu card.

    thanks & best regards


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    Tushar Amalean 

    Thank you Laurie for your independant review about our restaurant. Came accross it today accidentaly. I must appreciate and thank you for highlighting some of things we need to touch on at our restaurant. We are always on the lookout for some input from our dinners and rely on their comments to maitain our standards. This post has helped us a lot. Yes, truly our restaurant is full of excitement for all the dinners as we witness it everyday for lunch as well as dinner with all the Sizzling experiences. I must here point out that some of our Mocktails are also served “Sizzling”, yes and they are literaly Sizzzzzzzling. On your next visit do not forget to try it out. It is so much fascinating for many of the dinners.
    Yes, you are right. Our website is very poorly managed and we are totally responsible for this. Our new web design will be up and running within the next 2 weeks and then we should be able to communicate with our customers with it.
    Thanks again.
    Tushar Amalean

  4. Dear Laurie, I am pleased to inform you that our Sizzling Website is now uploaded with a lot of information about our meals and even a google map to locate us with directions. Our complete Menu is also available for download by the visitors. Do explore same and would appreciate if you have any suggestions for improvement. Your comments on this post helped us to get our website in place. Thank you very much.

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    Tushar, thanks for keeping me informed on the status of your website. It looks good.

    One comment I have is about the sound on your website. Most people don’t like sound on websites and will navigate away from the site as soon as there’s any sound. It’s a great way to lose visitors, unfortunately.

    It’s good to see the menu on the website as well as contact information. Useful!

    But I’m really sorry we can’t get your food whenever you like – you don’t deliver to our area!

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    do you have any vegetarian menus?If yes please send.

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