31 December 2009

starfruit flowers, Sri Lanka starfruit flowers, Sri Lanka

unripe starfruit still hanging on the vine, Sri Lanka nearly ripe starfruit, Sri Lanka

cut ripe starfruit, Sri LankaOur neighbor has a starfruit plant. Tree? Bush? Tree, I think.

Many of the branches hang over into our yard, and I get to watch the starfruit grow. 🙂

And then, when the starfruit is ripe, I get to pick it. And eat it. 🙂

Happiness. 🙂

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    My question is how to you eat it? I’ve seen them in the super market (obviously, not as good as yours would be) and have wondered.
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    My mother in law cuts them in strips running from stem to stern so she can cut out the fibrous bit with the seeds from the central core. I cut mine across into star shapes because, honestly, I love eating star-shaped fruit and for no other reason. The fibrous bit in the middle doesn’t bother me.

    I eat them plain. My mother in law eat it with salt and red chilli pepper powder. My husband likes it dipped in sugar.

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    Very cool. Never seen a healthy starfruit tree (only saw one in winter). My wife’s tai chi teacher had one and gave us some starfruit…it was much better than what we bought at the grocery store.

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    Starfruit seem to grow very easily and quickly here, and all two of the trees I’ve seen have been very healthy. But then, we also don’t have winter or anything even vaguely resembling it.

    The neighborhood purple-faced monkeys dine at the one across the road.

  5. Starfruit is awesome. When I lived on the west coast of Florida and growing up my friend lived near where some starfruit trees were growing.
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  6. I was at the store today and they had a package of two starfruit for $3.00. I thought it was insane.
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    Yeah, a buck and a half per starfruit is a bit insane. Sheesh.

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