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26 January 2009

Looking for authentic Sri Lankan recipes to try out, but not sure where to look? I have some authentic Sri Lankan recipes posted here already, and more will join here as time goes by and I get more recipes posted.

Inthe meantime, I’ve gone through some other sites on the InterWebs. Here’s a list of some of them along with some commentary from me… 🙂

Sri Lankan recipes on Wuzzle – I haven’t checked through all the recipes, but from what I did check, one looked a little questionable in terms of authenticity, but a few more looked like something I definitely want to try and also authentic. Soy sauce is not authentic, just as an FYI. Neither is ketchup, exactly, but sort of is as it’s used as a quick replacement for tomatoes and sugar (sugar to tone down sourness/acidity).

Sri Lankan recipes on Asian Home Recipes – desiccated (dried) coconut is not authentic (nearly everyone uses freshly shredded or even frozen shredded), but a quick and easy substitute. One recipe I checked didn’t seem authentic – cooking sauce separate from meat, but what do I know? OTOH, quite a few recipes I want to try – they look good.

Sri Lankan recipes on Asian Spicy Recipes – I think this must be where I got my Ala Badun recipe from – it’s identical! And Ala Badun has been a huge hit with my not-spicy-liking niece. I love it, and I don’t like potatoes in and of themselves. I checked out a few recipes, and they’re all authentic. Also going by the names of the curries, I’d say this site has a very high chance of authenticity. Oh, plus they’ve got a roast pork recipe for cookie to try out.

Sri Lankan Recipes – Sumudi. Quantities in recipes are scant – left to your imagination what amount of ginger or garlic to add, for example. If you can live with that (I can – I modify everything anyway ), then this site will be worth visiting. Recipes I checked out are entirely authentic. And, yeah, more I really need to give a try to.

Sri Lankan Food Recipes on The site design is terrible and a pain to navigate. Enter the page the wrong way, and nothing loads properly. I don’t know if they fixed it or I crossed my fingers just the right way… Recipes look authentic.

Recipes from Sri Lanka by Chandra Wimalasiri. Her name is so Sri Lankan. Her recipes are mostly Sri Lankan, but westernized. Dessicated coconut instead of freshly shredded, brown sugar instead of jaggery. Both substitutions are valid, but neither are as good as the original, and personally, I would have mentioned the original and added notes that these were reasonable substitutions. Nevertheless, the recipes are otherwise authentic.

Malini’s Kitchen on A few years ago, this was a great resource with mostly nothing but authentic Sri Lankan recipes. Now, there are some Sri Lankan recipes mixed in with a lot of western or other dishes. Some will have a hard time telling what’s authentic Sri Lankan – they’re not labelled in any way. Could be fun to go through the recipes anyway.

Priya’s Sri Lankan and Indian Cookery. A few authentic recipes.

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