Shaping a baguette

16 June 2009

If you’re like me and having trouble shaping your breads, it might be time to turn to YouTube.

Oddly enough, as it might seem to those of you who live in countries with fast Internet, I don’t watch a lot of YouTube videos. Never have. Here, they take too long to download and who wants to wait half an hour to load a 30 second video? So, you know, I had no idea there were so many videos on YouTube about shaping bread. And if, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a video worth?

So I stumbled on one video about shaping a baguette, which led me to another, which led me to another, and… Well, if you’re familiar with YouTube, you know how it goes.

This first one I can’t embed it – that’s turned off by the owner of the video. But you can look at it on YouTube. It’s my favourite one so far – it gives me the best visual explanation. And, for that matter, a hope of actually shaping my loaves better!

But here’s another one.

My oven is not long enough for baguettes, which are supposed to be about 24" long – my oven is only 16" deep, after all – but the shaping techniques stand as useful as far as this little girl is concerned. 🙂

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