Sambal Oelik!

25 December 2005

This is now my second time writing this entry. *sigh* Blog sometimes does funny things, eating posts. It’s infrequent (I think it’s happened all of, oh, 3 or 4 times since I’ve had Blog), happily, but I’d rather it not happen at all.

Ah well.

Anyway, back to the thought at hand.

Back in January, I mentioned my insane craving for sambal oelik, the condiment of kings.

And yep, if you ever feel sorry for me and want to send me some, I’ll probably let you. :p

It’s basic ingredients are red chillies, vinegar, and salt, and my favorite version is by Huy Fong Foods. That’s their picture up there.

It’s hot enough to blow most people’s socks off. And luckily, or perhaps unluckily, depending on the situation, Fahim likes it almost as much as me.

So*. Today, I tried to make some. This recipe, though, calls for lime juice instead of vinegar. Well, we like lime, so why not?

I used 12 Thai chillies – those deep bright green chillies that are so common here. It didn’t blend the way I wanted it to. I’ll try it next time I buy chillies, but instead will do it the same day I buy them, not two days later. It’s possible that, at 2 days, they’re too dried out, even though they’re still fine for cooking.

It’s also possible they’re not blending as much as they should because I don’t have enough volume in the blender container. Will get lots more chillies next time.

The other possibility is that Thai chillies are just too waxy and they won’t work. Or, at least, not to the texture and consistency that I want.

It’s a bit too bitter, but that’s just a trait of the Thai chillies, I suspect.

I would really, really like to get bright red chillies, the right ones for the job.

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