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10 November 2009

caesar salad, olive's kitchen and grillFahim and I ate at Olive’s Kitchen & Grill Family Restaurant, which has Chinese, Thai, and Pakistani cuisine. It’s also Halal.

I had a mango lassi – excellent! – and Fahim had a fruit juice cocktail – also excellent. We’d ordered salads for starters, seafood for him and Caesar for me.

The Caesar Salad (Rs. 330) had leaf lettuce, green bell peppers, cucumbers, feta cheese, black olives, small pieces of chicken fried until crispy, and Caesar salad dressing. With three strips of processed "cheese" food on top for, uh, good luck, I guess. 😛 Most emphatically *not* what a Caesar salad is, but just as emphatically excellent. Despite the "cheese" stuff.

seafood salad, olive's kitchen and grillFahim’s Seafood Salad (Rs. 490) had cucumbers (which he picked out since he hates cucumbers), shrimp, olives, bell peppers, and basically the exact same vegetable as in my "Caesar" salad. It had an excellent mustard dressing that I would love to replicate. Also an excellent salad.

Although I should mention that they made a major cucumber mistake. They didn’t use English cucumbers – we have a short variety here that grows to about six inches long. Instead, they used a local type that has a very tough outer skin, the kind that’s so tough and chewy that, as a cook, I would never serve to anyone. I would absolutely have peeled those cucumbers because the skin is so tough that it’s really required.

And that is the extent of my complaint about the salads. 🙂

We’d also ordered Butter Chicken (Rs. 600), Chicken Pepper Fry (Rs. 600), Devilled Mushroom (Rs. 430), and Mixed Fried Rice (Rs. 450).

We didn’t finish our salads. We were expecting smaller portions, but no, as it turns out, the salads were more than adequate as a meal in and of themselves. I couldn’t even finish my salad. The rest we took home.

We ate the take-home portion for dinner and enjoyed it. It wasn’t as spicy as either of us would like, but we do have higher tolerances for spicy than normal people. The Chicken Pepper Fry could have used a bit more salt for my tastes, but my salt-meter has been broken for over a year now, so it could just be me.

The mushrooms unfortunately were canned, which means the wrong taste and texture. Canned mushrooms are just all wrong. Fifty kinds of wrong, really. Thing is, many restaurants here use canned button mushrooms since they’re only available fresh infrequently. Yes, we can get abalone, oyster, and those sorts of mushrooms easily enough, but they also have a strong smell and flavour that can be offputting or just not right in many dishes. Actually, I just plain hate oyster mushrooms – they smell too oyster for me, and that means I can’t tell if they’re fresh or rotten. Just all wrong.

But I digress.

The mushroom dish. I’d rather they labelled the mushroom dishes as "when fresh mushrooms are available and in season" and skipped the canned mushrooms altogether. Or warned that they were using canned mushrooms. Canned mushrooms are really just that inadequate.

Still, the food, while not excellent overall, still qualifies as very good and I definitely would willingly eat here again. And I’d love to have that non-Caesar Caesar Salad again, too. 🙂

Olive’s Kitchen & Grill
No. 25 Marine Drive (adjoining Miami Reception Hall)
Colombo 06
Telephone: 2504937,2504929
Delivery within city limits.

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    This is rosemerry. Just changing it to my real name.

    I agree with you on the canned mushrooms. I don’t like them at all. Do you get portabello mushrooms in Sri Lanka? Those are really good in ravioli.
    .-= Lyra´s last blog ..Abraham: Florida Maroon of the Second Seminole War =-.

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    No, unfortunately. We can get oyster and abalone on a regular basis, and very rarely button mushrooms. That’s about it.

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    i need discriptions for olive’s kitchen foods.

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    You are foods very good. but your didnt reply to my mail. and you are prices are good.i need only agunu kola sambal reviews.and i need you are e-mail address and are you doing another restaurants.pls reply soon.

    Thanks & Regards.

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    Haniya, I do not own Olive’s Kitchen, nor do I have any part in the running of their business. I was a customer, nothing more. As such, I don’t have their prices nor descriptions of their food. If you want that, you’ll have to contact them.

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    Thank you. but i havent they contacts. are you need any mail address.after i will contact them.

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    i need olives kitchen mail address.

  8. #8

    All the contact information I have for them is at the end of the post.

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    Pls Send Massage to mail address. i dont want need your contacts number. i need only olives kitchen mail address.and are they olives kitchen doing another restaurants.who is doing yaal resaturant?

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    As I said, all the contact information I have for Olive’s Kitchen is at the end of this post that you’re commenting on. Check it out.

    I have no idea if Olive’s Kitchen is doing another restaurant. I am not employed by them. I do not own the restaurant. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I was a customer eating a meal at that restaurant, nothing more. You need to contact Olive’s Kitchen to ask them questions about their restaurant.

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    AFAIK Olives, china town, Yaal, Marrybrown and miami are owned by the same company.

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    olives kitchen number is 0112504929 or hotline 0772980123

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