Pineapple. Mmmmmmmmmm.

9 September 2003

Fahim has been telling me of another way pineapple is eaten here, but he keeps insisting we can’t eat it that way for breakfast, only he won’t give me a reason. Finally, we have another pineapple in the house, and since he wouldn’t do it last night, we have it for breakfast this morning.

Simply put, it’s pineapple with condensed milk on top.

Condensed milk here is thinner and runnier than Eagle brand condensed milk we get in Canada. Fahim tells me it used to be thicker and sweeter in the 70s, but apparently greed and the bottom dollar have taken over.

Fahim arranges the pineapple discs on a plate and pours the condensed milk on top. We eat and enjoy.

When we’re done, I mention that I have to go to the bathroom. Fahim laughs this wicked little laugh, and that’s when he tells me why it’s usually not eaten for breakfast.

Please skip the next few paragraphs if you are the least bit squeemish.

Condensed milk with pineapple make for loose bowels. Best not to eat it during the day when you might be out and about – reliable clean toilets are not readily available out in the rest of the world. Best to wait until evening where you have the comfort of your own bathroom.

Fahim went so far to tell me stories of years ago, while he was at work, if he had to go to the bathroom, he’d take the bus home – fifteen or twenty minute bus ride – to use that bathroom. Can’t trust the bathrooms elsewhere.

So far, I’ve only had to use the bathroom twice when I was out – once when I was at the department store, and it was perfectly acceptable for those used to bidets (no toilet paper available), and the second time was at the church – they had the shower head for washing the underside in place of a proper bidet, and they also had toilet paper. Bless their North American oriented hearts!

But mostly, this is not something I’m inclined to test.


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