Mutant Cinnamon Buns

29 March 2009

One of the adventurous aspects of using sourdough as leaven instead of monoculture commercial yeast is that sourdough takes a bit longer to rise. And, to make matters slightly more complicated, how long it takes to rise can vary considerably.

When it’s cool, cool for me being, say, 28C/82F, it takes longer for the bread to rise than when it’s warm, warm being, say, 35C/95F. Yeah, see, only our bedroom has air conditioning – electricity is expensive here, so having air conditioning in the rest of the house would bankrupt us. So room temperature in the kitchen tends to be on the warmish side. 🙂

Point being that rise times for bread can range from 1 1/2 hours when it’ warm to 12 hours on a day when it’ cool. Of course, I tend to wonder, on the longer rise times, if it’s because I’ve screwed something up. 🙂

Anyway, the last few days, the bread dough after twelve hours had barely doubled, so I wasn’t expecting to find a mutant dough blob when I got up this morning. Yet that’s exactly what I got.

I’d put the sourdough cinnamon buns in the oven to rise – oven off, of course – and upon opening it, found blobs of dough on the floor of the oven with more dough blobs falling down the sides of the pan the rest of the dough was in. Uh…

So naturally, I hurriedly put the oven on to bake after cleaning up the dough at the bottom. And when it was done, this was what I got…

My glorious, glorious mutant cinnamon buns.

mutant wild yeast cinnamon buns

mutant wild yeast cinnamon buns

mutant wild yeast cinnamon buns

mutant wild yeast cinnamon buns

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