3 September 2003

Muscat. Flour, Sugar, Ghee (for the uninitiated, ghee is clarified butter – that is, melted until it separates, and the solids are removed), Cashew Nut, Pure Coconut Oil, Permitted Colour and Essence. It comes in a rectangular log about 8 inches long, 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches. It’s burgundy in colour, and Fahim tells me it’s similar to Turkish Delight. I’m not sure if I’ve had Turkish Delight before, but muscat reminds me of something, so perhaps I have years ago? (Fahim says: burgundy is not the only colour for muscat – in fact, usually it is yellowish orange but this was the store bought variety rather than the “authentic” Bombay muscat :p)

It’s solid in texture, kind of gelatinous, but it’s not gelatin, it’s oil, so it’s also kind of oily. It tastes sweet and perhaps like roses? I find it a little difficult to describe. The cashew nuts, near as I can tell, aren’t in the gelatinous part of the log, but are only on top, perhaps as decoration. It’s odd, and yet it’s also strangely good. Hmmm.

Fahim just got home from work, riding his motorbike, as per usual, and he stopped off at Perera and Sons Bakery for a loaf of bread. He also brought a chocolate log, which is more chocolatey than the last chocolate log we had. He won’t let me have a piece until after I’ve had dinner. Drat. Sometimes, that boy can be just plain mean. Depriving me of chocolate. The nerve.

Okay, I changed my mind – he gave me a piece anyway. I still love him.

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