Mmm. . . Sushi . . .

2 September 2005

Yeah, Fahim’s not a fan, and neither are a lot of people, but I am.

That’s one of the things I miss about Vancouver – there, if you want sushi, chances are that you only have to go five or ten minutes in any direction to find take-out sushi. Mmm. With wasabi and pickled ginger. Mmm.

Of course, being the OCD that I am, I bought myself the tools necessary to make my own. Namely, my own jar of pickled ginger, my own tube of wasabi (I could have gotten the powder which you mix with water, but I opted for the paste), seaweed, and rice vinegar. Everything else I already had. Oh, wait, and the bamboo roller.

The most difficult part of making sushi is rolling it out tight enough so it doesn’t fall apart.

But now, with [email protected], it’s all so much easier.


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