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11 January 2006

Because Fahim’s mom has been sick – she’s feeling better, but isn’t completely back to normal, and quite honestly, she should be taking it easy anyway – she had someone come in to do the heavy cleaning, ie sweeping, mopping, and the like.

I offered to help with the cooking. Well, I don’t want to cook for everyone as I’ve mentioned before, primarily because my taste buds are different from theirs, and I don’t know how to cook the traditional Sri Lankan that they’d all prefer.

Anyway, I mince a head of garlic, I cut a few onions, and then I’m shewed out of the kitchen. Shew! Shew! 😀

And she does all the cooking. Although she does get the helper guy to chop her chicken for her, probably cuz I made a comment that I could do it, but of course, I butcher my chicken differently than Sri Lankans do.

Ah well.

Oh, and I learned the difference between jackfruit and breadfruit. They’re the same fruit, but breadfruit is young and jackfruit is old and codgery. :p This first picture of a spiny thingie is breadfruit. Its outer layer is tough, but comes off pretty good with a knife, which is what I’m doing in the second picture.

In the next two pictures, Fahim’s mom is cutting the breadfruit into pieces, but discarding the inner core. I’ll assume that it’s tough and inedible, but I don’t know that for a fact.

Fahim’s mom used a big long knive, and when I say big, I’m talking one of the things that looks like a weapon of war but is actually a kitchen implement. See the museum display photo, fourth from the right with the ivory handle. Like that. Fahim’s mom’s has a blade about six inches long and a handle about three feet long. She put it on the floor and sat on the blade, leaving her free to use the blade to cut the breadfruit.

When breadfruit is cooked, it has a texture similar to potatoes in that it’s starchy, white, and a bit floury with a bland flavour that’s good in curries.

Jackfruit is different, of course. It’s… difficult to describe. More developed with more separated parts of the plant. If you look in the pictures where Fahim’s mom is cutting them on the weapon of war, you can see that they’ve got some interesting internal structure that reminds me a bit of overcrowded cauliflower. In the breadfruit, it’s all overcrowded and not at all separated. In jackfruit, it’s a bit separated.

*le sigh* That’s probably the best I’m going to manage, so I’ll give up now.

The flavor is different. It’s stronger in the riper version, which is more slippery and has a texture more similar to… Nope, coming up blank. Ah well.

Shoot. *bang!*

Pollos is young jackfruit, and old jackfruit is jackfruit, and breadfruit is not at all the same. Fahim interrupted to tell me that as I finished writing all that. So, nope, not going to delete it. Breadfruit is a cousin or other close relative, though.


At any rate, Fahim, being the great uncle that he is, took possesion of the kidlets almost immediately and didn’t give them back until… Well, much much later. 😀

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    Wrong info! Jak fruit and bread fruit are not the same. Please correct that. Have you seen Breadfruit trees and Jak fruit trees?


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    Yeah, obviously I didn’t know that, then. It takes time, sometimes, to sort these things out when a person’s introduced to so many new foods. 🙂

  3. Well, breadfruit is a close relative of the jackfruit. Their outer shell looks similar. The jackfruit is huge while the breadfruit usually the size of a large grapefruit, although sometimes larger.

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