I think I’m in love…

29 November 2005

With another blog. Hot Sauce Blog.


What is  too hot ??? When you can’t taste the flavor of your food? When you can’t tell what type of food you are eating? When all you know is that your mouth is on fire, your tongue is burning and you can’t wait to grab that glass of milk? Where do we draw the line?

For some of us, the phrase  “too hot”  begins when we can no longer tell what we are eating.

Go on, I’m listening…

And for those select few who consider incendiary eating a hobby and an art, nothing can ever be too hot. These brave souls will never admit that anything is “too hot.” Each fiery meal is a flavorful banquet; each spicy dish is a savory treat. A meal prepared from the fiery flames of Hell would elicit only a raised eyebrow or slight nod from these fanatical chileheads. These die-hard aficionados search the world for the spiciest dish, the portion of food that is too hot to handle.

Yeah, she’s just about nailed it. Oh, that was posted by “the wife”, so I feel safe in calling her a she.

I, personally, would love to eat a meal prepared from the fiery flames of Hell. Haven’t had anything quite that hot yet, but I think I’m up for the challenge.

He reviews hot sauces. Oh man, would I love a job like that.

And he’s got a passel of info on his site about everything chillies, and it’s entertaining ta boot! Yowsa!

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