Have a Hankering for Corn on the Cob in Sri Lanka?

16 October 2009

On one of our forays out-and-about, I took some pictures of things I saw along the way. Here, we have a corn stand at the side of the road, most likely squatting on land they don’t own as many road-side stands do.

To the immediate left, you can see a fruit stand selling watermelons. Out of view is other produce for sale. To the right of that, you can see the corn husks on the ground, then a pile of corn on the table. In the background, you can see the large round pot (they tend to be around 20" in diameter and about 12" high) that’ll be set up with boiling water, a wood fire going underneath it. The person running the stand will boil the corn for customers to buy.

These corn stands are surprisingly (to me, anyway) common here. They’re not absolutely everywhere, but they’re seen frequently enough for anyone with a corn hankering. 🙂

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    Rain (Dead_Horse) 

    Oh, great, now I have a hankerin’ for corn in Ohio! Mmmm! But corn season is just about over here. 🙁 Although, this weekend I could probably get roasted corn on the cob at Historic Roscoe Village’s Apple Butter Stirrin’ Festival. I think I need a coconut scraper, too, now that you mention it.

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