Easy Chocolate Mousse

30 November 2010

I wrote this up a few days ago, but the stars were apparently not aligned properly since it gotten eaten. Not even my saved draft was intact! Ack! So here I am again, trying to remember the witticisms from the original. Oh, and how brilliant was I! Amazing! I had the best stories… 🙂


Chocolate is my friend. I am a die-hard chocoholic. So are most of my relatives. So is Fahim’s family, especially his mother. 😀

One day, a year or two ago, his mother asked me – through Fahim’s dad as translator – if I knew how to make chocolate mousse. I didn’t – sad, right? So I quickly checked on the Internet to see what I could come up with. I found a lot of recipes, some based on egg whites, some on eggs and cream, others on cream. They preferred a cream-based chocolate mousse, please. Okey dokey!

I suspect that someone had to, at that point, go to the grocery store to get the cream (and chocolate, of course), although if I recall correctly, it was that non-cream whipped topping stuff. Which, to me, tastes, well, not like happiness. That was the only time I used the non-dairy whipped topping. But I digress… 🙂

Now, Fahim’s mother loves my chocolate mousse so much that she asks for it nearly every time she’s here, and me, knowing how much she loves it (as does everyone else, I might add), that I always keep the necessary ingredients on hand. Which isn’t much – it’s actually quite simple and easy to make.

This is based on a recipe I found on the Internet. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember where I got it, so I can’t give them credit. I do know, however, that the recipe was so easy that I followed the exact recipe once and no longer referred to it after that…

Chocolate Mousse


  • 200 grams dark chocolate (about 1 cup chocolate chips)
  • 85 ml (6 tablespoons) water (or cream or alcohol or…)
  • 2.5 grams (1/2 teaspoon) vanilla
  • 250 ml (1 cup) cream
  • 15 grams (2 tablespoons) icing sugar


  1. Melt chocolate. Add the vanilla and water and stir past the point of the chocolate seizing and until the chocolate is again smooth. Set aside and let cool.
  2. Whip the cream until medium peak, then add the icing sugar and continue beating until firm peaks form.
  3. Fold in the cooled chocolate.
  4. Serve into individual bowls and either chill or enjoy immediately!

If the chocolate is too warm when you add it to the cream, the cream will collapse. You probably don’t want that. 🙂 The chocolate should be smooth, melted, and cool to the touch.

Because I live in a tropical country, I tend to not only make sure the bowl and whisk (which I use with my blender on a stick) are chilled prior to whipping, I’ll also put the cream, bowl, and whisk in the freezer for a minute or two in between to make sure it doesn’t warm up too much. Cooler temperatures make for better whipping. 🙂

You may need more or less sugar depending on a. how much sugar is in the chocolate you have and b. your individual sweet tooth levels. My in-laws, like pretty much all Sri Lankans, prefer more sugar. When I make it for just Fahim and I, I tend to add no sugar – there’s enough in the chocolate already for me.

You can use another flavouring other than vanilla if you prefer. But be careful to not use so much as to overwhelm. Ask me how I know. 🙂 If I were to use, say, cherry flavouring, I’d use half as much as the vanilla.

Also? Have you thought of using chocolate mousse to ice your cakes or brownies? Or as filling in a cream puff? Oh yeah, baby!

From getting all the ingredients out of the cupboards, fridge, and so on to the finished product, it’s about 15 minutes. T And the best part? It doesn’t taste like a quick throw-together-at-last-minute-desperation dessert. 🙂

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. 🙂

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