Dinner at the in-laws, Part II

29 October 2005

Dinner last night was at the in-laws. It was string hoppers, curried chicken, curried boiled eggs, and curried chicken gizzards. Normally, I hate chicken gizzards, but the way they were curried tasted so good! I do wonder about the lack of curried vegetables, but I suspect it has to do with wanting more protein during Ramadan. Or something.

And yep, his parents continue to be completely comfortable, so all is good. [Smile] And I still like them, and they still like me.

I’m sure someone’s going to ask about string hoppers, so here’s me, offering an explanation.

String hoppers are a local dish made from flour and I’m not sure what else – probably water and salt, possibly eggs – that’s sorta like pasta in a way. Our version was made from red rice flour, red rice being the local equivalent of brown rice. It’s poured through a round metal disk that has holes in it so it comes out like strings into boiling water. So it ends up being a bit like birds nest pasta.

Does that make sense?

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