Chicken Buriyani from a kit

20 June 2004

I’ve been having problems with insomnia, but it seems to be over now. Acupuncture sure helped a lot. Along with the sleep deprivation, I had seriously bad headaches, but those are gone now, too. Now I’m just working on sleeping enough to recover from three weeks of almost no sleep.

What’s new? I made chicken buriyani from a kit today. It’s kind of funny. Last Sunday, on the way home from church, Fahim bought us chicken buriyani from his uncle’s restaurant (Fahim was working at his new work which is close to the church), and it was seriously good. I mean, this stuff was wonderful. Ambrosia. Oh my goodness, it was wonderful! So I commented on how I need to learn how to make it like this. I have a recipe program I use, and I’ve downloaded lots of recipes in its format off the internet so I have something like 60 or 80 thousand recipes from all sorts of countries & cultures in these databases, so I immediately look up chicken buriyani (which is also spelled biriani, biryani, or who the heck knows what all here) and found a recipe that looked pretty close. Then Fahim hits the grocery store and brings home a kit. Okay, that works, too.

Only it didn’t. Entirely. We didn’t have tomatoes (which neither Fahim nor I are supposed to be eating, anyway, so not a problem). We didn’t have enough yoghurt (supposed to use 1 cup, had 1/3 of a cup). We didn’t have ghee (clarified butter), so I used margarine and coconut oil instead. I was supposed to cook the rice only halfway by itself – it ended up being totally cooked by the time I took it off the stove. I was supposed to cook the rice and the veggies/chicken/sauce together for the final half hour. Mixed everything together and called it quits instead, since everything was cooked. So, not entirely chicken buriyani, but a sorta close relative instead.

Oh well.

There’s enough there that I won’t have to cook for a couple more days, and it still tastes good, even though not as good as his uncle’s buriyani, so it’s not a total loss.

I’ll improve it next time. First thing I’ll do is make sure I have enough of all the right ingredients. 🙂

Other than that, I’ve been working on editing Black Light and also plot development for a couple of others.

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