21 November 2005

Fahim’s parents have never had brownies before – one of the times we were over there, they asked about the kinds of food we ate in Canada, and then I made the mistake of telling them the kind of food I grew up on, which I hated. In reality, they were asking what typical Canadian food was, and once I figured that out, I told them there is no such thing – there’s just far too much ethnic variety.

Then last time we were there, Fahim’s mom had made caramel pudding (which was very good, of course ) and she asked what kinds of puddings we made in Canada. See, puddings here are very common, and they include custards and the like. Well, where I’m from, sure, there’s pudding, but that’s not the only kind of dessert and it’s sure not the most common. So… on to explaining pies. And then I remember my brownies, like how could I forget? And explain that to her… So, yeah, it’ll be more fun to introduce them to brownies. 😛 Way, way, way more fun. Sri Lankans love sweets, and his family loves chocolates, or so Fahim tells me.

Yep, brownies are more fun.

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