Brown Water

2 January 2006

We’ve been getting a lot of sediment in our water again. I mean, when you can tell the water’s brown as it comes out of the tap, you know you have a problem.

Unfortunately, that was with the poor man’s filter on it – cloth rags folded over multiple times to catch the sediment. The cloth ends up having nasty brown circles where the water ran through, but I tell ya, better the cloth than… No, I won’t go there. I won’t.

We boil all our drinking water – we have to. As far as I know, there is no safe drinking water out of the taps anywhere in this country.

Anyway, we have one pot that’s our designated water pot for boiling purposes only. It’s all we’ve ever used it for, and it’s all it’ll likely ever be used for. We tend to go through water at the rate of about one pot per day, so this has ended up being a very nicely convenient size.

This also means that on days when the water is excessively brown, we can’t wait for the five or more days until the water is clear for us to boil water. We still gotta drink, brown yellow or otherwise.

And today, it was a brown day. It was visibly brown as it came out of the tap. The water I boiled yesterday, after I poured it into our water thingie, well, if I pour it just right, I can leave the sediment at the bottom and not have it go into the water vat. Today, I managed to pour it just right. And at the end, I had about two tablespoons of near-mud. 🙁

You could ask why we don’t buy bottled water. You could. 🙂 I’d let you and everything.

In anticipation, I’ll answer now rather than wait for the question.

One consideration is risk. You don’t know where the bottled water company is getting their water. You don’t know how they’re processing it, if at all. You don’t know if they’re just putting bottles below a tap and filling. You don’t know if your own brown water, boiled, isn’t safer than their bottled water.

Then, of course, there’s the expense. Ah well.

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