Bored. Bored bored bored bored bored. Bored.

12 November 2005

Don’t know what we’ll have for dinner tonight. We’re out of leftovers and we’re going grocery shopping this afternoon – the fridge is nearly empty. Unfortunately, that also means I have to cook.  🙁 I’m just not in the mood.

Yes, we could get take away.

However… the rice & curry packet place we go to is only open for lunch, and we don’t know the quality of the other places in this neighborhood. To make matters worse, we have to be concerned about Halalness, and that limits choices.

Dominoes is having a special right now – 4 personal pizzas for Rs.500, or $5 – and that’s a great price for here for pizza, which is considered a luxury food. But… since I’ve been feeling so lousy the last couple of months, we’ve ordered it a couple of times already, and poor Fahim is getting sick of it. Pizza’s not his favorite food, and honestly, it’s not that healthy for me.

McDonalds isn’t Halal, and besides, McDonalds? Our favorite Indian restaurant down the road – Tamatje’s – is still there, but did the typical Sri Lankan new restaurant thing – had great food (and I do mean absolutely superb) and cheap, too – but after a couple or three months, the owner’s inevitably fire the chef who’s too expensive and they hire local cooks to imitate what the good chef was doing, and they end up doing an abysmal job. The food there isn’t even mediocre. It’s terrible. And nearly every restaurant here goes through that. The exceptions are the up-scale restaurants, and even they aren’t always immune.

On the other hand, we have a can of corned mutton, and a friend’s post gave me an idea, if I can just find some sour cream at the grocery store. It isn’t usually available, but I think I’ve seen it a few times. I hope I’ve seen it. I hope it’s there. Because… I could make Mutton Stroganoff. 🙂 And that would be good.

Part of the problem for me is that I’m getting bored. I’m tired of making the same old, same old. Fahim doesn’t care – he’s perfectly happy eating rice & curries every single day of his life. But. I’m not. Well, I make other food, too – Italian, Indonesian, Thai, Indian, whatever – and Fahim NEVER complains, even if he’s not overly fond of it. 🙂

But. We’re limited in the kinds of vegetables we can get here. It’s not like a grocery store in North America. There are the standard twenty vegetables that are always available (including potatoes. onions, carrots, cabbage), but I’m bored of them. Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored.


Beginning to see my dilemma?


Yes, we have stuff here that you can’t get, but there’s so much more we can’t get here and, not that I have anything specific in mind as I whine, but I’d like more variety.

That is all.


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