Big Bag o’ Beef

11 September 2003

Fahim came home early with a big bag of beef hanging from his motorcycle handle. It was 2.25 kg of beef from the beef guy. I think I mentioned before – when you buy beef at these places, you tell them how much you want, and he hacks it off what he has hanging there. No choices, no selection, no cuts. And yeah, you get all the fat and tendons (or is it ligaments? That’s always confused me) to go along with it.

The beef comes home in a big misshapen hunk and I get the joy of chopping it into pieces. First, I have to wash it off, and still, the granules of dirt don’t come out of the fat very easily. I scrub. Or at least, I scrub as well as I can without using any soap or anything like that. Then I spend a half hour chopping and removing excess fat and things like that, then portion it into a day’s worth for each bag and freeze. It makes it a lot easier at meal times when I do all this ahead of time.

During all this, Fahim sits in the living room working on fixing his comments program – for me. How sweet is that?


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