Baking on the Stove: Again!

15 December 2009

baking on the stove, cast iron griddgle baking on the stove, cast iron griddleI recently got a new cast iron griddle. I happen to be very fond of it and use it fairly often, including for making flat bread. Takes a while to heat up, as all cast iron does, but has very even heat when it does. Beautiful, beautiful!

I’ve used it a few times as the base of my baking-on-the-stove setup, and it works just fine. It works about the same as my two aluminum lids stacked on each other, so no benefit there.

However, if used frequently in this manner with a high flame, over time, the seasoning on the cast iron does burn off. If you use your cast iron pan frequently otherwise, it’s probably not an issue, and for me, it’s not an issue yet, but it is something to be aware of if you’re going to use a seasoned cast iron pot or griddle or such on a regular basis for baking on the stove.

In my case, since the cast iron griddle offers no benefits over my aluminum lids, I’m switching back to the aluminum lids since they don’t get damaged by frequent use and, honestly, I wouldn’t care even if they did. My cast iron griddle, on the other hand, I don’t want to re-season. 🙂

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    [email protected] YD250 

    baking on the stove, that’s something I haven’t tried yet. as soon as I get a cast iron griddle, I’ll try baking on the stove.
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    Alfred, it doesn’t require a cast iron griddle. I’ve actually reverted to my two flat aluminum lids. Using seasoned cast iron as the base, in my experience, results in the seasoning being burnt off, so the griddle would require reseasoning. YMMV, of course. 🙂

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    Try using more space in the under part, and less space in the upper part. Also, you should leave enough space between the walls of both pots to allow more air to flow. Use a more conductive surface in the upper part than in the bottom. For example, alu on the top and some ceramic on the bottom (or some wood that would withstand)

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